As the market in South Florida shifts, there’s one thing that no seller wants to experience and that’s what we call “Chasing the Market Down”. But what does that look like, and why do some sellers tend to win while others lose big time.

In today’s video, I’m gonna paint the picture for you from top to bottom on what it looks like to chase the market, and more importantly, how you can avoid doing so, so you’re on the winning side of the equation. So if that interests you, let’s get into it.

If this is your first time with the channel and you wanna know everything there is to know about South Florida, eating, sleeping, playing, neighborhood tours, housing market, you name it, then make sure you hit that subscribe button and tap that bell icon so…

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Hey! It's Andy with the Mandel Team at Remax and I’m here to bring you your November '22 Housing Market Update.

As always for the purposes of these videos, we’re gonna be giving you the leading indicators showing you where the real estate market is headed, not where it’s been. So we’re showing you what’s going on in the market right now so you can make the most informed decision for you and your family.

When we talk about these stats, we’re typically talking about single family homes only in Boca, Parkland, and Coral Springs. Those are the areas where our team does the predominant amount of our business. We’re not talking about condos, townhouses, no 55+, and no country clubs. So let’s get after it.

The first stat we’d like to look at is…

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Top 5 Most Expensive Neighborhoods In Boca Raton

Considering moving to Boca Raton, FL? South Florida is one of the most desirable places in the country to live for many reasons. We have good weather most of the year, we have no state income tax, and the quality of life is better here than many parts of the country. Did I mention the beaches are some of the best in the world?

We also have some of the most expensive real estate anywhere in the United States. If you're looking for high end real estate, Boca Raton has enough to go around. Take a look at the top 5 most expensive neighborhoods in Boca Raton. Besides being the most expensive, they happen to be some of our favorite neighborhoods as well! Looking to live in Boca Raton Luxury? Keep reading!

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If you’re thinking about buying a home in South Florida today, I’ve got good news.

Even though it’s still a seller’s market on paper, it’s a more moderate seller’s market than last year. And the days of feeling like you may need to waive contingencies or pay drastically over asking price to get your offer considered, are over.

Today, you should have less competition and more negotiating power as a buyer. That’s because the intensity of buyer demand and bidding wars is easing. So if bidding wars were the biggest factor that had you sitting on the sidelines, here are two trends that may be just what you need to reenter the market.

Number one: The return of contingencies.

Over the last two years, more buyers were willing to skip important…

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