A recent Redfin report throws the spotlight on Florida's condo market, revealing some interesting shifts that are reshaping the landscape for owners and buyers alike. Data from real estate brokerage Redfin shows a whopping 28.2% jump in the number of condos for sale in January, which is a stark contrast to the 11.1% increase nationwide. The culprits? Soaring insurance and homeowner association (HOA) fees.

Because of rising Association fees and increasingly-common special assessments, condos are taking much longer to sell. 

While Florida's median sales prices for condos nudged up by 2.4%, thats less than the 8.4% growth for condos nationwide. Median prices for condos fell 6.5% in Jacksonville, by 4.8% in Orlando, 2.5% in Miami and by 1% in Tampa.

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For those who have been waiting for the fed to drop interest rates, you may be waiting longer than you anticipated. On Tuesday, February 13, the latest inflation report came out showing that inflation was still higher than expected. This followed very strong jobs report showing that way more jobs were created in January and December than expected or previously reported.

Many people don’t necessarily feel like the economy is doing well because prices for almost everything are much higher than they used to be and they’re not expected to go down. But the underlying fundamentals of how we usually grade an economy, such as unemployment and GDP growth, have been very strong. There's a very big disconnect from the statistics of the economy and labor market…

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