Where Does Zillow Say South Florida Home Prices Will Go In 2024?

Zillow's latest forecast anticipates an average of 1.9% growth in home values across the USA throughout 2024. While this rate is slower than historical averages, it signals a welcome slowdown for first-time buyers compared to the rapid appreciation witnessed during the pandemic. Zillow's prediction has increased from the previous month which projected a growth of only 0.9%. The modest upward revision primarily stems from a slowdown in the growth of new listings for sale, with interest rates remaining relatively high.

Despite a significant 21% increase in new listings in February, the year-over-year growth eased to just 4% in March, highlighting the continued tightness of the housing…

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The South Florida real estate market is still super competitive in 2024 for good properties, and when your up against multiple offers you will want to pull out all of the stops. While it’s tempting to think that all a seller cares about is the highest price…this just often is not the case. Many sellers have an emotional attachment to their home and really care about who will take over making memories in their beloved castle.

For that reason, we at The Mandel Team have found great success in attaching “love letters” to our offers. These are simple, one-page letters explaining who you are and why this home is the perfect fit for you. Here are the ingredients required for the perfect Real Estate Love Letter.

A photo of you

The cuter the better.…

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