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Do you want to sell your home but cannot find a new home since it is so competitive?

In this video, South Florida Realtor Andy Mandel will allow you to be in control and close to your timeline. Plus, you will skip all the hassles of selling like having random people walk through your home, dealing with repairs and updates, or constantly cleaning.

If you’re looking for an easy streamlined way to sell your home, this may be the program for you.

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Are you buying a home in South Florida but stressed out that you also have a home to sell at the exact same time?  We've got a solution custom tailored for you! My name is Andy Mandel with the Mandel Team and I wanted to talk to you a little bit about our Buy Before You Sell program.

When you're looking to buy a new home, many people need the proceeds from the sale of your old home and it can be very stressful trying to figure out the timing.

When do I list my current home? When do I buy the new home, what contingencies do I put in place to protect myself?

There's so much that people juggle that sometimes people just end up staying in a home that doesn't really suit the needs of their family. That's where our Buy Before You Sell program comes in. We've partnered exclusively with one of the top companies in America in this space that will release a lot of the equity that you have in your current home and allow you to use that to purchase your new home first.

The beauty of that is that you get to take your time get to pick and choose and make sure you get the right home for you and your family that's going to suit your needs and you're not going to be forced to rush and buy something that is isn't perfect for you. You can buy the new home first using the proceeds from the sale of your existing home - even though you haven't sold it yet - then you're going to move into your new home and then after you're out we're going to come back and sell your old home.

Even better, our partner will cover the cost of your new home until the old one sells so you don't have two mortgage payments. You get to take your time buy the home you really want, you get to come back and sell it with you out of the house so you don't have to deal with showings, open houses, all the stress and chaos, cleaning up after the kids and pets, and being out of the house every weekend waiting for someone to come by and buy your house.

You're already out of the house in your new home, and we can help you even stage your home so it sells faster and for more money without all the added stress to you as the seller. You're really getting the best of both worlds here with this Buy Before You Sell program.

If that's something that you want to learn more about see if your home qualifies for the program give us a call, shoot us a text, or send us an email all at the number down below.

I'm Andy Mandel with the Mandel Team and I look forward to connecting and helping you!

Let us make this real estate thing easy for you... 

We are not just in the business of selling houses, we are in the business of making real estate easy for you with customized programs that fit your needs. That is exactly what made us one of the top teams in Broward & Palm Beach County. 

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