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How It Works

  1. Fill out the form
  2. Speak with our preferred lender to discuss the best loan type for you
  3. Complete a mortgage application
  4. Submit your required documents so you can be fully underwritten up front making you as close to a cash buyer as you can get

What am I committing to?

By filling out this form, you’re agreeing to let us connect you to a mortgage lender who can help. It’s completely free, there’s no obligation, and we’ll never pull your credit for completing the form.

After you submit the form, a lender will contact you to learn more about your needs. You don’t have to apply for pre-approval with that lender if you choose not to, and you’re free to consider other options. There is no binding agreement involved in connecting with a lender—you have complete control over the process and the final decision.

Will I get calls from multiple lenders?

No, your information will only be shared with our preferred mortgage company. They get the lowest rates possible, but you are under no obligation to work with them. 

How early should I get pre-approved if I'm looking to buy?

While pre-approval letters typically are only good  for 120 days from the day you are approved, getting pre-approved earlier in the home buying process will give you a clear picture of how much you’re qualified to borrow and an itemized estimate of monthly payments, interest rates, and closing costs, which can help you budget and plan accordingly. Our lenders been able to remove items from people's credit reports before they start searching which has raised their scores and helped them save thousands on mortgage interest payments.

If you’re actively searching for a home to buy, getting not only pre-approved but fully-underwritten up front can give you a significant edge in the market. This is the strongest type of pre-approval letter you can have and will allow you to write an offer without a mortgage contingency if you want. This will make your offer much more competitive and put you in a position to get whichever property you want at a potentially lower price because of the certainty your loan offers.

Does getting pre-approved affect my credit score?

A pre-approval requires a hard inquiry on your credit which can affect your credit score, however the impact is less than you might expect. In most cases your credit score to drop by no more than five points. Fortunately, this dip is temporary and your score will quickly recover if you continue to pay your bills on time and keep your credit card debt low.

The other good news is that credit bureaus understand that buyers often shop around for their mortgage, so multiple credit checks from mortgage lenders in a certain time period (between 14 and 45 days depending on the credit bureau) are lumped together and only count as one hard inquiry. This means you won’t be penalized for applying for pre-approvals with multiple lenders and shopping around for the best deal.

Filling out the form above does not involve a credit pull and will not impact your credit score at all —you’re not committing to anything, and you’ll only be contacted by a single mortgage lender. Your credit history will only be checked once you apply for pre-approval with a lender.

Why should I use your recommended lenders?

Transparently, as real estate agents, we don't get paid unless you buy a house. If you use a lender that doesn't do their job properly and help you get your offer accepted, both of us don't get what we want. 

We want to help the negotiations in your favor as the buyer. We also know how important it is to find a lender that offers great rates, has amazing customer service, and ensures you close on time.

We've worked with all our trusted lenders hundreds of times to make sure they guarantee great rates, great service and communication, and a close on time guarantee.