Top Elementary Schools in Coconut Creek, FL

Coconut Creek is a picturesque city in Florida that boasts a vast number of beautiful parks, waterways, lush greeneries, and suburban communities. Besides its immaculate landscapes, one of the iconic features of the city is its butterfly aviaries. 

Considered the “Butterfly Capital of the World,” Coconut Creek houses one of the biggest aviaries in the world that locals, tourists, and nature enthusiasts alike travel long distances to see. This city prides itself on being a destination that celebrates natural beauty and promotes an environmentally-friendly community. 

A city-wide survey showed that 99% of the respondents believe that Coconut Creek is an excellent place to live, 97% say that the…

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Top Elementary Schools in Coral Springs, FL

Coral Springs is one of the best places to live in Florida. The Broward County city promises families an urban, suburban feel with countless shops, parks, food, and pleasant weather all year round! However, relocating requires you to consider different factors, including the cost of living, the job market, and, of course, education.

Coral Springs offers a broad range of elementary school choices. All schools provide a quality elementary education with experienced and dedicated educators. Each has strengths, helping families select the best for their child’s needs. From the many elementary schools in Coral Springs, FL, here is the cream of the crop:

Eagle Ridge Elementary School


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Moving to a brand new location is never easy. Aside from looking for the perfect place to live, you also need to consider the safety and convenience of its neighborhoods and surrounding districts. Plus, if you have children, looking for the best schools for their education is something that you need to take into consideration.

In this article, we’ll take you through the factors you need to consider when looking for a school as well as some of the best elementary schools in Parkland, FL.

Top Elementary Schools in Parkland, FL

It can be such a daunting task to narrow down your options and pinpoint the best elementary schools for your children. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to scour the area and show you the top elementary schools in…

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What's going on in the South Florida real estate market?

Hey, it's Andy with the Mandel Team at Remax, and I'm here to bring you your March, 2023 Housing Market Update.

As always, for the purposes of these videos, we're gonna be talking about single family homes only in Boca, Parkland, and Coral Springs. That's where our team does the predominant amount of our business. And when we talk about these homes, we're talking about single family homes only. No condos, no townhouses, all ages, and no country clubs.

Now, when we're giving you these stats, we're trying to give you the leading indicators of what's happening in the market now, so you know what's going to happen in the very near future, not the lagging indicators that you sometimes…

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